Lecture 5. Utah: The Fremont and what was once Bears Ears

This lecture covers the Ancestral Puebloans of Utah. The sites in what was once Bears Ears National Monument from Cedar Mesa to Comb Ridge to the what are known as Fremont People. Like others in the earlier lectures they left behind an extraordinary amount of art and architecture, within a much more difficult landscape then those to the east and the south.. The time period of 1050 to 1280 is the largest concentration on people in the region. The architecture demonstrates the influences of both the Chaco World (lecture 3) and the Mesa Verde region (lecture 4). Most notable is the arrival of stacked stone to McElmo architecture, and sophisticated pottery by 1050. Similar to other regions to the east, this area is largely vacant by 1300, although with no evidence of violence This lecture will focus mostly on the northern regions of what are known as the Fremont in Part I and the areas of Cedar Mesa and Comb Ridge (formerly known as Bears Ears) in Part II

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