Lecture 14. Multimedia Super Corridor: Selangor, Malaysia, 1991-Present

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Scales of Modernity

Lectures 12-14: I. Meta-city From the Greek root “meta”, meaning “beyond”, meta-cities comprise those components of a city that, while belonging to the extant city, somehow surpass or exceed its conceptual, infrastructural, spatial, or legal boundaries. This can occur in various ways: by means of legal exceptionalism (e.g., Special Economic Zones, often situated just beyond the city proper); or by surpassing the conventional spatial configurations of the city (e.g., by building above or beneath it); or by denying infrastructural services (e.g., in the favelas) and thereby creating “informal” cities within the city; or, finally, through the redistribution of urban functions within an expanded suburban area, often for purposes of segregating and insulating particular

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