Lecture 4. The Cultural Matrix: Slavic World and Beyond 1

The first Slavic lecture introduces the origins, name, geographies and the versatility of the historic Slavs. It discusses how in Western historiography the Slavs are traditionally presented as peripheral to the development of the Western Europe. In response, this lecture shifts the perspective to examine how that Slavs’ peripheral geographic and cultural location enabled them to develop as a central connective link between different cultural regions, variable lifestyles and multiple histories. Each of the four chosen moments illustrates a shift in existing conditions, wherein the ties and the circumstances of the Slavic World reflected changes in internal and external centers of gravity and peripheries. Units of Lecture 4- 1. Historical Geographies of the Slavic Matrix 2. Christianization of the Slavs 3. Golden Horde Invasion 4. Rise of Moscow and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 5. Europeanization of Peter the Great

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