Lecture 3. Space-time Moments - Persianate World 2

This second lecture on the Persianate World introduces four space-time moments that were critical to the intertwined histories of this region. On this particular front, the arrival of Islam as a new religion in this land was perhaps as important as the inter-mixing of nomadic and sedentary cultures. Within the Persianate world, the arrival of Islam is followed by transition and change, and later its deep assimilation within local beliefs. Meanwhile, the cultural inter-mixing is followed by the development of a unique social class of elites, whose clout pervades across the city and countryside. Units of Lecture 3- 1. Persia after the Arrival of Islam 2. Moment 1: Coalition Between Persian Natives and Arab Families 3. Moment 2: Turkish Arrival in Persia 4. Moment 3: Consolidation of the Turko-Nomadic Sovereignty, Rise of Timurid Elites with Persian Taste

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